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   Space - The World's First Wearable Computer

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If you're looking for a realistic way to make money from home... If you're also a Visionary, and you understand the importance "Timing" can play with the right opportunity... Please watch this video on the 'SPACE' System in its entirety. 

Remember: Everything you saw taking place in the SPACE COMPUTER Promo video above is happening through Space Glasses, showing a FULL 1080 HD Screen that expands from 40" to 420" in SIZE (Up to three stories tall).

The SPACE COMPUTER is as revolutionary as the iPhone was... And, as you've already seen, this is not some theory being promoted by another under funded, start up company.

It's here, and has been formally unveiled the first week of December 2014, in Dubai.

The SPACE Computer's CPU (central processing unit) is only 2 1/2 inches by 3 inches and 

more powerful than most laptops or desktops! ...

Since SPACE also has its own Wi-Fi hotspot,

you can access the Internet from almost anywhere.

It includes Dolby Surround Sound built into

the Lumina SPACE GLASSES for quality audio,

and the Glasses will also be

available with a prescription lens option.



Don't Like High Pressure Selling?


Imagine you're in a coffee shop or anywhere for that matter, and you put on your Space Glasses, and start virtually moving computer files around in front of you, and typing on your virtual keyboard! 
What do you think people will ask?

When you tell them that you're using your new computer, and let them try on your Lumina Glasses to see what you're seeing, and then you show them the little CPU that's powering this incredible new technology... 
What do you think many of them will ask you next? 

It'll probably sound something like: 

"Where can I get one?"

And of course, because

SPACE will not be sold in stores

they can

Only Purchase It Through YOU!

Simply give them the web address for

 your WGN corporate website

to order their own SPACE computer,

and You Get Paid!

But, there's more...

IMAGINE you're in a Foreign Country,

and you put on your Space Glasses ?

the Road Signs in other languages

are now in ENGLISH or

your language of choice!

That's just a couple of the powerful features of the Space Computer & the Space Glasses. You'll learn more below.

What's really promising is, 

this product transcends traditional networking.

In other words, you'll have people buying

the "Wearable" Space Computer

who have no interest in starting a business -

They just want the new technology...

And just as important,

you can also have affiliates selling the Space Computer who have no interest in building a network...

But, you'll still override their sales!

There's also a residual income component in our business.

Once again, 'SPACEwill not be sold in stores. EVERYONE who sees and wants


will only be able to purchase one

through an authorized WGN affiliate like you! 

The choice is yours.

"Wearable Technology" Just A Fad? ... Hardly

A Juniper Research study at the end of last year, forecasts that retail revenue from the wearable technology market will grow from $1.4 billion in 2013, to $19 billion in 2018 ? the kind of growth that tends to make stock prices double or triple. Here's the article.


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Space Computer purchase will be available during the 3rd quarter of 2015. 


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"SPACE" The First Ever Wearable Computer.

See It For Yourself



The First Ever Wearable Computer.

The "Most Astonishing" yet "Affordable" Computer of the Future is HERE!

4X's as powerful as most laptops &

2X's more powerful than most desktops!

Welcome to the "Age of the Jetsons" 8)

The First Ever "Space" Computer


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