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   Recovery First

"God, please, if this is it, then Please, Take Me"!

   Hello, my name is Jim Roberts and I want to welcome you to this website. I don't believe

 you're here by accident and whether you're just curious or your looking for answers, I hope

 this site will help. If you can relate to any part of what I'm about to tell you, I want you to

 know that you are not alone and nothing is impossible. There is a solution for every


   I would deeply appreciate any and all feed back you wish to share with me. You can email
me at [email protected] . Anything you share with me, unless deemed as life
 threateningwill be handled with extreme confidentiality. In other words, anything that you confide in me will go no further without your consent. If you would rather listen, then click  
 on this link, it's My Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D6YTkPK-ZY

   After 27 years of Drinking, drugging, being successful and quitting, working hard and

   partying hard, loving and hating, being selfish and being generous, trying, succeeding, and

 failing, searching and never knowing where I was going or how I really felt. Lost and

 confused, I accepted the fact that I was going to die "A Drunk" (I was in denial of my drug


   I was married to the most beautiful woman I had ever met, had 4 beautiful kids, 2 dogs, a

 cat, and tropical fish, lived in a modest house on top of a mountain with 7 1/2 square miles

 of woods in my backyard, had my own bussiness which in it's first year became very

 successful. There was an 8 mile lake just a couple of miles from the house. I had boats, cars,

 trucks, and the life many people only dream of. And one day, it was all over. My life as I

 knew it, came to an end. My wife told me I had to leave.

   I found myself standing on the street with a brown paper bag which contained a change of

 clothes, staring at the total sum of my life and couldn't touch it or any part of it.

   I ended up sleeping in a neighbor's basement on a plastic covered couch. I shared this

 basement with a washer and dryer, an oil burner used to heat the living quarters of the house

 and the exposed plumbing. When he went to sleep at night he would lock the door at the top

 of the stairs. My restroom was the woods and my water supply was the outside garden hose.

   I was working 8 hours a day for the Town's Road Department, (community service for my

 3rd drunk driving offense), and I worked 4 to 6 hours a night at a local gas station, pumping

 gas to make a few dollars so I could go to Burger King for a Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

   Then, somewhere between 10 PM and 1 AM, I would start the long torturous walk,

 approximately 3 or 4 miles, along country roads through a thickly wooded area with no

 street lights, back to the neighbor's basement. The erie loneliness was sometimes more than I

 could bare.

   I was on my way to work, (community service) one morning and I remember standing on

 an overpass that crossed over Route 15 in Jefferson Township, New Jersey. I was looking at

 the most beautiful blue sky with just one small cottony cloud floating by when I started to

 shake, tremble, and cry. I heard these words, "God, please, if this is it then, please take me!"

 That put a feeling of desperatness deep within me. I was asking God to end my life. 

   I am ecstatic to report, God must have heard my prayer because that was the beginning of

 the end of my life as I knew it.

   I admitted myself into a Rehabilitation center and that was the beginning of life as I know

 it, today.

   I had no idea what to expect and therefore, I had every fear you could imagine. Scarred to

 death but, not knowing what else to do and yet, knowing that I had to do something, I

 entered the Rehabilitation Center at St. Claire's Riverside Hospital.

   To my surprise, I was like a human sponge, I couldn't get enough information. When group

 sessions were ended for the day, I wanted more. I was learning things about me and how to

 be a better me and how I was not a bad person but, I was a very sick person. Things about

 my addiction like "Alcoholism" is a disease and there was and is something I could do about

 it. I know deep in my heart, without the education that I recieved in Rehab, I would not

 have made it in "My Recovery". God brought me to recovery and recovery brought me back

 to God.

   I'm writting this to share with everyone who takes the time to read it that there is "Hope"

 and there is "life after addiction".

   If you are, or someone you know is feeling hopeless, doomed, want your life, as you know

 it, to just end or if you  would just like the opportunity to change your life for the better then

 please, for your sake and for the sake of all you love and who love you, follow the link for 

A Friend of Bill's, provided below, tell them "PopaJim" sent you or just browse. Knowledge

 is power.

   I'm praying for your "Freedom" from the Living Hell our addictions

 create.       http://www.friendofbills.com/
   For many years, when attempting the treatment of alcoholism, human beings did not understand the
 problem. Of every ten people who used alcohol, one became an alcoholic. The nine who could drink
 without problems attempted to understand the problems of the one who couldn't drink! This brought about
 a confusion that lasted hundreds of years.
   We plainly see today that these normal people did not understand the problem. They thought it was a case
 of weak will or that it was a sin or a moral issue. It was not until 1934 that alcoholism was determined to
 be a disease. It should be noted that as far back as 1785 Benjamin Rush, MD stated that Alcoholism was a
 disease, but in 1813, the Temperance Movement thought of Alcoholism as a social problem and in 1840,
 the Washingtonians declared it a moral problem. In 1900, the Emmanuel Movement thought it to be a
 psychological problem and once again in 1933, W. D. Silkworth, MD, found alcoholism to be a disease. So
 Dr. Silkworth and Bill Wilson finally concluded that alcoholism is indeed a disease and the only hope for
 recovery is a vital spiritual experience with a psychic change brought about through a 12 step program of
 recovery and a fellowship of alcoholics helping each other. In 1934, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob started the
 program of Alcoholics Anonymous, but even today only very few understand alcoholism, and to the
 alcoholic, ignorance to this disease can be FATAL.
   If you are an individual who would like more information or you would just like to talk to someone then
 please, feel free to go to the contact page (click on "Contact Us" at the top left of this page) and leave your
 contact information there or email me at:[email protected] and give me your contact information
 and the best time to contact you.
HELP is just a connection away! Just ask and I will do my best to get you to the help you need.
The Video     .............       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D6YTkPK-ZY
A Friend Of Bill's  .........   http://www.friendofbills.com/
   If you're a Business owner, executive, employee, etc. please, go to "Corporate America"
 located at the top left of this page or you can email me with your contact information and
 the best time to contact you. Feel free to include your dilema or concerns. I or
 someone competent to assist in your situation will contact you.
Privacy (Anonymity) is a Top Priority and will not be compromised!
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