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    Obama Care Will Bring You To Your Knees

Sticker Shock 

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Brace yourself for sticker

shock -- at your insurance

agent’s office…The House

Energy and Commerce

Committee has released a

report, based on internal

documents from 17 insurance

giants, including Aetna, Blue

Cross and Kaiser. They estimate that when Obamacare kicks in

next year, the average individual health insurance policy will go

up in cost by 100 percent. For instance, the cost to a new

customer of an individual policy is expected to nearly double,

from about $1900 a year to over $3700. But that’s just the

average. Some people will see price spikes of over 400

percent. The reason is that millions of uninsured people, many

with expensive preexisting conditions, are being added to the

insurance pool. At the same time, the government is

mandating one-size-fits-all coverage that pays for every

condition, from pregnancy to drug rehab, even if the buyer

doesn’t want or need it. Gosh, if only someone had been able

to predict that when you vastly increase covered medical

services, it makes insurance more expensive, not cheaper.

Unfortunately, that would require a tiny smidgeon of common

sense. And this bill came out of Washington.

 Taken from the Huckabee Report heard daily on 600 radio stations and available by daily podcast. Use of or any reproduction in any form of material must attribute "from the daily broadcast of the Huckabee Report."


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