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Powur is a group of forward thinking, innovative entrepreneurs changing how the world produces and consumes energy. In conjunction with SolarCity and it's co-founder, visionary Elon Musk, we are rolling out a technology that will shift billions in wealth to the new #Grid Builders. As our technology is currently in “Stealth” mode, limited invites are available to join the #NewGrid.


SolarCity was founded in July 2006 by brothers Peter and Lyndon Rive, based on a suggestion for a solar company concept from their cousin, Elon Musk, who is the chairman and helped start the company. SolarCity has been the leading provider of residential solar power in California since 2007, its first full year of operation, according to the database kept by the California Solar Initiative and was the number one residential solar installer in the U.S. in 2013, according to GTM Research. In 2013, Solar Power World magazine listed SolarCity as the No. 2 overall solar installation company in the U.S.

In October 2014, SolarCity announced it would be offering up to $200 million in solar bonds to launch a new online website to buy the debt, the first registered public offering of such bonds in the United States.

According to a SolarCity press release, these new panels acheive a peak efficiency of 22.04 percent, a determination based on third-party testing provider, Renewable Energy Test Center.

The panels claim to produce 30-40 percent more juice and “generates more power per square foot and harvests more energy over a year than any other rooftop panel in production,” SolarCity said.

SolarCity expects to build about 9,000 to 10,000 units a day at its own major, 1 GW factory in Buffalo, New York once the the facility reaches full capacity in 2017.

At 22.04 percent, yes, the efficiency purportedly achieved by SolarCity’s new panels is very impressive. However, with photovoltaic technology growing in leaps and bounds, the actualworld’s most efficient solar cell has about double the efficiency of SolarCity’s new panels at 44.7 percent. Additionally, most solar panels available on the market today already have roughly similar efficiencies between 15 and 20 percent, according to CleanTechnica.

What SolarCity has done, actually, is create the biggest bang for your buck. “Essentially,” asThe Verge explained, SolarCity is providing “the most efficiency for the lowest cost.”

The new panels, a hybrid of traditional crystalline panels and silicon, will be the same size as the industry standard but will be cheaper through a proprietary process “that significantly reduces the manufacturing cost relative to other high-efficiency technologies,” the company said.

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