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        Get Your Best Buys Here!!!                       100 Page Adult Coloring Books                                  ONLY $10.99                         This Includes Taxes,Shipping & Handling                        Scroll Down  


   Nellie Pullian Jones                                                      Is Here With To Help With                                                  New Horizon Family                                                            Coloring Books                                                                                     Creative Arts For Seniors                                                                                                   & Children Of All Ages                                                                                                            Great Benefits                                                                                                               In Partnering With Us

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             Flowers Vol #1 100 Pages $10.99                          Bugs 100 Pages $10.99                                     Option #1                                                          Option #2

        Cats & Kittens 100 Pages $10.99                                  Option #3

 Angels 100 Pages $10.99 Option #4

Animals Vol #1, Vol #2, Vol #3, Vol #4,               Special Designs #1, Vol #2, Vol #3,  Vol #5 100 Pages  Each $10.99                           Vol #4 Vol #5 100 Pages  Each  $10.99   Option #5 Option #6, Option #7,                         Option #10, Option #11, Option #12  Option #8, Option #9                                     Option #13, Option #14

Fantasy 100 Pages $10.99 Option #15          Fairy Tales 100 Pages $10.99 Option #16

Choose Any 5 Books From The Animals, Special Designs, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Or Children Books & A Box Of Coloring Pencils With A Pencil Sharpener.          For Only $45.00

Children 100 Pages  $10.99 Option #17           Holiday Special $45.00 Option #18

Bible Story Hero's Vol #1 100 Pages $10.99 Option #19

Coming Soon


Wrestlers,Quotations, Native Americans, Ladies,Monsters, Foods, Mandalas, Doodles, Super Hero's, Cities, Birds, Eagles, Halloween, Easter, Valentines, Dinosaurs,Gardens, Musical Instruments, Race Car Drivers, Dogs & Puppies,Clowns, Unicorns, Horses & Colts, Landscapes


Ask For Details & Prices For Customized Coloring Books,  Planners & Journals, Also For Businesses, Fundraisers,                              Orgaizations


Remember On All Orders To Include Your Address,                          Email, & Phone To Ensure Delivery!


If You Do Not Have Paypal Or A Credit Card No Worry We Will Work With You. Just Contact Us By Phone At (704) 314-6773 Or By Email At: [email protected]                                                                 & In Subject Put In                                                                                                    (New Horizon Coloring Book Order Or FREE Membership Request)                             & Let Us Know What Payment Options You Have & Tell Them Nellie Pullian Jones Sent You Or Fill Out The Contact Form At The Bottom Of Page & Let Us Know Your Needs Or Requests.

Nellie's New Horizon Family Coloring Books
Nellie's New Horizon Family Coloring Books
Nellie's Color Book Club/Distributor/Business Builder

The Adult Coloring Books Craze Continues & There Is NO End In Sight. Listen To Our Tutorials



               New Horizon Compensation Plan
 New Horizon Is A Direct Sells Company.
                                                                                                                                 There Are 3 Ways You Can Join  New Horizon.
                                                                                                                                           #1 - Join For FREE.
You Will Be Able To Order Wholesale And Sell Retail.You Will Not Be Able To Build An Organization.
                                                                                                                                       #2 - Join As A Distributor, For $29.95 A Year. As A Distributor You Can Order Wholesale / Sell Retail And Build An Organization. There Are 3 Earning Levels.    Level 1 - You Earn A 10% Commission On All Sales Made On Your First Level. You Can Build As Wide As You Want. Level 2 - You Earn A 5% Commission On All Sales Made On Your Second Level. Level 3 - You Can Earn A 3% Commission On All Sales Made On Your Third Level.BONUS - Earn A $10.00 Bonus For Everyone You Sign-up Under You As A Distributor.  Subscribe At Option #2
                                                                                                                                       #3 - Join The Builder's Plan. This Is For Serious Professionals, Who Wants To Build A Large Organization. They Will Be Able To Build An Organization As Wide And Deep As They Want To Infinity. The Cost Is $125.00 A Year. This Will Give You Everything You Need To Hit The Floor Running. There Is A $25.00 Fast Start Bonus On Everyone Who Joins You On The Builder's Plan.  Subscribe At Option #3
                                                                                                                                     The Coloring Book Of The Month Club. You Will Earn An Extra 2% On Everyone In Your Organization That Joins                                                                                             The Coloring Book Of The Month Club. This Includes 2 High Quality Coloring Books,  Free Shipping  For $18.95 A Month. Subscribe At Option #1

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